Kiteland Park Kite Training School Cayo Guillermo

Kitesurfing Kiteland Park Cayo Guillermo


If you are looking to start Kitesurfing or, are already experienced in the sport, the Kiteland Park Cayo Guillermo offers all the equipment and training you’ll need. Unlike other locations, Cayo Guillermo’s tranquil waters and gentle breezes perfectly lend themselves to picking up this exhilarating sport. Novices can be up and surfing within 20 minutes, propelled across the crystalline waters while taking in this beautiful Caribbean scenery. We would say that Cayo Guillermo is probably one of the best places to give this a try, the combination of a shallow sandy bottom, light winds, warm waters and pleasant surroundings, make it an ideal starting point.


Kiteboarding Cayo Guillermo


Don’t be afraid to give this a try, it’s not as difficult as the pros make it look and can be an amazing adrenalin boost besides being great fun. The Kiteland Park Cayo Guillermo Kite Training School is located at the Hotel Allegro Club Cayo Guillermo, short lessons start at just 5 CUC up to 20 CUC per hour. For experienced Kiteboarders, a one hour session with all-inclusive rental and equipment is 30 CUC, a true steal. The techniques acquired can also be used later on the resorts catamarans to both get you out to sea and more importantly, back to the beach.